Cute class gift| Merry Christmas tingles

life savers wrapper

By popular request, I've updated the Merry Christmas Lifesaver wrappers for 2016... post below is the original written last year. I accidentally moved it forward when I updated it. Ah well. It's that time of year again... the time of year when the urge to gift an Every Kid in the Class Christmas gift gets all too much for me. Since we are ...

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Make these Alice in Wonderland invitations

Alice in Wonderland invitations

We made some Alice in Wonderland invitations for Cappers' upcoming 11th birthday. She's totally into the idea of an Alice in Wonderland party, having devoured the books and the movie. Such is her devotion, when we were in London we even schlepped across town to visit the exhibition at the British Library. This will be a delicious theme for a ...

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2016 Australian public school holidays calendar {printable calendar}

Download and print 2016 public school calendars - Australia

Click here for the 2017 School Holiday Calendars A school mum friend was looking for a useful A4 calendar that showed all the NSW public school holidays but she couldn't find one. So I thought I'd make her one. Then I thought I'd make you one too. I've clearly marked all of the school holidays and public holidays, plus I've added a few other ...

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How to make a smash book (and why you’d want to!)

How to make a smash book - an easy way to record your life

Years ago when our firstborns were babes in arms my sister Al and I decided that we would become scrapbookers. We had visions of ourselves spending long afternoons lovingly cutting out photos and embellishing them with... well, scrapbooky stuff. To be honest, our scrapbooking dreams were rather hazy. We bought some cardboard, we even visited a ...

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How to break a bad habit | Step 5

How to break a bad habit

Phew, can you believe we are five days into this habit kickin' series? I told you it was rather involved. BUT, the further we go along, the more I think we are becoming aware of just how complex habit breaking actually is. Complex, difficult but ultimately really achievable. That's the path we are on right now. So, you've identified why you have ...

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How to break a bad habit | Step 4

How to break a bad habit 4

How are you going with your habit busting so far? If you've just stumbled onto this post, click here to see Steps 1 -3 then pop back here when you're all caught up. So far we've pulled our habit out, examined the whys and decided to change. The trouble is, change can be super-tough. It's such an overwhelming feeling to face up to something ...

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DIY doctor play kit {with printables}

DIY doctors kit for play time fun

Instead of screens today, why not play doctors? Children are often fascinated by what we grown ups get up to and role-playing ‘careers’ is high on many kids’ lists of fun things to do. Last time we played at being detectives, and being a doctor is just as much fun. You can enhance your children’s enjoyment of their game with this easy to put ...

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10 ways to make the most of the school holidays

10 ways to make the most of the school holidays

I've seen a lot of articles around about 'staying sane in the school holidays' and I get it, I really, truly do. The school holidays are hard work because they force us away from the everyday family routine that makes life easier for us and holidays then have the added stress of demanding to be fun and interesting and sunny (aren't holidays always ...

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How to host a Glow Party – Let’s Glow Crazy!

Glow party ideas

My youngest Badoo turned seven on Saturday, which surely makes me the oldest mother on the interwebs. Like any year in a Badoo's life, we didn't let the passing of the six onto the seven go unnoticed. She wanted a hip hop party and we decided to make it glow as bright and shiny as a Badoo. Which is very bright and shiny indeed. So, let me tell ...

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30 creative writing prompts for kids

writing prompts for kids

Instead of screens today, why not... do some creative writing? All children love listening to stories and as they get older their urge to tell their own stories grows too. For some kids (often those we call 'born writers') this is an easy thing to do. They grab a piece of paper and a pencil and off they go. For others, it's a little trickier. They ...

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