Chocolate Crackle Bliss Balls

Healthy Chocolate Bliss Balls-2-2

I made a huge batch of these for Max's after-school party recently, and most of them came home. Or so I thought. I think I must have just made way more chocolate bliss balls than I remembered because since the party I've been asked by no less than FIVE mums for the recipe. So they mustn't look as much like poo as I suspected... I LOVE these ...

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Raspberry rum balls for Christmas [+ an amazing FREE Christmas cookbook]

Raspberry Rum Balls - perfect for Christmas

If a (wo)man is known by the company (s)he keeps, then I am amazing. Honestly, I'm kind, clever, talented, creative, wise, funny and ridiculously good looking. All my friends are. One of those friends - the kind, clever, talented, wise, funny, ridiculously good looking Amanda from Cooker and a Looker - invited me to contribute to this glorious ...

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Chocolate and Rosemary Biscuits

Chocolate and Rosemary Biscuits recipe

Just up the road there is a front hedge grown from rosemary bushes. It smells just as delicious as you'd imagine, especially when our neighbour is trimming the hedge back. The sharp scent of rosemary gushes up and down the street, fragrancing our day Ah, divine! We have a small rosemary plant in a far-too-shady part of our garden. Most of my ...

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Pear, Sultana and Zucchini muffins

Pear and Sultana Muffins

I was going to make some good ol' zucchini slice for lunch one weekend using the eggs from our hens (they are laying!), but I didn't get around to it. I think we had 2-Minute Noodles instead, which basically just left me with mum guilt and a bunch of zucchinis with nowhere to go. Enter, the humble zucchini muffin. You can make anything to a ...

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Oat and Zucchini Cookies (with Choc Chips for Luck)

Oat and Zucchini Cookies - with added choc chips

I'm a little bit meh when it comes to making sweet treats 'healthy'. Part of me thinks, "just have the darn sweet and move on" and part of me thinks, "how clever to pack some goodness into a biscuit." Mostly I think nutrition has no business discussing homemade treats. So I'm defying myself every time I make these oat and zucchini cookies. I ...

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Carrot and quinoa muffins

Carrot and Quinoa Muffin Recipe - an easygoing recipe with a big nutrition punch

Lauren created a carrot and quinoa muffins recipe for Mumtastic and I just had to have a go. Of course, I can never quite stick to any kind of instructions. I always have to add my own thing in or remove stuff I don't like (or don't have in the pantry, like dates). I popped over to About Life to get the quinoa flakes. Have you ever been to an ...

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Easiest slice recipe ever (with choc chips and yummy things)

Easiest slice recipe EVER

I don't know what to call this slice, other than 'easiest slice ever'. It's a tin of condensed milk, some SR flour, coconut, choc bits and butter all melted together to form something naughty but nice. This is the kind of thing that you would throw into a tin and into the oven when you forgot to bake something for the school 'bring a plate' thingy. ...

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No-Bake Honey and Oat Bars

No-bake honey and oat bars - lunch box and health happy and so yummy to eat

I made chicken teriyaki in the oven last Sunday and I got a little too enthusiastic adding the marinade to the pan. It bubbled all over the oven in big, sticky, burnt-smelling gloops. When will I learn to line the oven with aluminum foil? Not before last Sunday, it would seem. So when it came to making an afternoon treat for today, it had to be ...

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Katsudon (A yummy Japanese favourite)

Katsudon - A yummy Japanese staple

I blogged our absolute favourite dinner recipe ideas earlier in the week. Last night we enjoyed Katsudon - a recipe that has a few different steps, but is so worth it for the authentic Japanese flavours. This dish is pretty much the only fried dish I make. It's just not a cooking method I usually turn to. But if it's Japanese it can't be all bad, ...

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25 go-to family dinner ideas


I'm a meal planner (quite new to it, but never going back) and I've just realised that over the past 6 months we've had 25 different family dinners, on high rotation. There are a few exceptions to this, of course - the time I attempted a vegetarian lasagne that even the chickens wouldn't eat (eggplant is no friend at our place); or the time  I made ...

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