Make these Alice in Wonderland invitations

Alice in Wonderland invitations

We made some Alice in Wonderland invitations for Cappers' upcoming 11th birthday. She's totally into the idea of an Alice in Wonderland party, having devoured the books and the movie. Such is her devotion, when we were in London we even schlepped across town to visit the exhibition at the British Library. This will be a delicious theme for a ...

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You’re invited to a night owl slumber party

Night Owls Slumber Party Invitations

Sorry, that headline is a bit misleading. You're not actually invited to the night owl slumber party. But some Badoo friends are. Lucky kids. You can tag alone virtually if you like? The Badoo is turning eight, if you can believe that. She wants to replicate her older sister's (un)slumber party, but we're not sure if Mr Crocodile's pyjamas are ...

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DIY Free Printable Minecraft Party Invitations

DIY Minecraft Invitations - fully editable

We are getting ready for Max's upcoming Minecraft Party and the invites have been sent out. This is the first time we sent an email invitation, rather than paper. It seemed fitting for a Minecraft party. I created a new image for each kid and emailed each one individually. I like a personal approach. Download and print your own Minecraft party ...

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Roll up, roll up: it’s a carnival party invitation

And just like that, I'm back in party-planning mode. I have decided that next year is definitely going to be a '3 friends and a movie' kind of year for all of the kids. Of course, I've been saying that for about two years now and just look how well I'm doing.With a fair amount of urging from Cappers (who I suspect just wants to turn cartwheels for ...

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Pokemon party invitations (party season begins… NOW)

Pokemon party invitations

I confess I was originally a little bit meh about a Pokemon party. I'm a bit meh about most merchandisey things (although Pokemon sure beats a lot of them). I think branded stuff cramps my style. You have to work within the existing set up. "What about a space party?" I enthused. "Camping? Outback? Animal?" "Nah, I think I'll stick with ...

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Mousey slumber party invitations

Slumber party invitation

Cappers is having a slumber party this weekend with a 'mouse' theme {You can see the mousey slumber party here!!}. Thank goodness I sent out a 'save the date' the week before we went away because I only just got around to doing her invitations today. Which I kinda liked in the end because it's sweet to say 'please wear your pjs to my slumber ...

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Farm party free printables

Free Farm Party printables - invitations and party decorations to download and print

We had such a fabulous time at Max's Farm Party. Putting all the elements together was fussy, but worth the effort. I've uploaded the Powerpoint docs I created with all of the farm party elements, so you can customise them to suit your own party. You can edit them in Powerpoint to personalise to your own child and their guests. To work with ...

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Oh good golly gosh, it’s a farm party

Farm party ideas

It's done. The farm party of the year is DONE. I'm farking farmed out. Maxi and his band of merry men (and maidens) had a really, truly super awesomey day (except that one kid... there is always one.. who told me constantly that he was bored. I hated that kid.) The trouble with 'doing' kids' parties is that kids have to come to them. I ...

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