How I unspoiled my kids

Mary's House

I shared an article on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, that was shared again and again. There is a lot about the article that I don't agree with (the headline, for one thing), but there was a lot in there that really resonated with me. I am hyper-aware of how it is all-too easy to spoil our kids these days. In many, many ways, my kids ...

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Connect | How a village really raises a child

It takes a village

We humans are a funny bunch, aren't we? Many of us say we crave 'different' and that we hate 'routine' and that we thrive on 'change', yet most of us live very vanilla lives indeed. It is a rare person who has the courage to risk the known in order to live the life that deep-down they feel they want to live. Most of us struggle to even form an ...

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